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What's Asphip?

Asphip... This is a word you're probably hearing for the first time. It's the name of a new type of sport developed in Japan.

The Ultimate Sport From Osaka Japan 
We strove to develop a new sport which departs from the traditional thinking of what a sport is, something completely different from existing sports, and perfected it through 10 years of research and development. And we named this new sport "Asphip". 
What is Asphip?

It's a totally new sport. Asphip is competitive, fun and can be played by almost anyone. It's hard to tell you what kind of sport Asphip is! If we try to express Asphip, we will say Asphip has some elements of spinning top, boomerang, bowling and tennis.

Have you ever heard the words of "Barrier-free," "normalization" and "universal design"? We have been developing Asphip on these principles.

When we were almost finished development, we had a chance to introduce Asphip to some Americans  in Atlanta, US.  We saw they really enjoyed Asphip. It made us  believe firmly that Asphip could be popular among all people.

Japanese Patent Registered


We developed this sport in its entirety: the equipment, court, rules, and business know-how. We  have also registered our trademark and received patents in  Japan.

Game Rules
Dr. Yoshinori Fukuda of 
Osaka  Gymnastic University

We made some rules of games so that you can choose one you like. We'd like to introduce two kind of games called "Looper" and" Criss-Cross."

Dr. Yoshinori Fukuda of Osaka Gymnastic University who is one  of the Asphippers that recommended these two game rules as fun games and all generation sport.  He comments on how much fun Asphip is to play, and at the same time both challenging and addictive.



Asphip Looper has the scoring elements of bowling and the action of a boomerang and the fun of simple, spinning top. Asphip Looper involves action on the part of the players, but is not strenuous. therefore, it's fun for kids from age 8 as well as for 80 year olds and everyone in between.

You would be able to sweat with  the moderate exercise. The most interesting  point is to measure your intellectual level. A 4th grade kid could beat a big well-muscled guy at a game of  Looper game.

Spinning Top + Boomerang + Bowling + Tennis? 

Ball & Racket
The distinctive and primary element in Asphip Looper is this unique ball that's similar to a top in that it spins on a  shaft. The ball is round and has two shafts, one at the top and one at the bottom. The racket is used to hit and spin the ball. This racket like those used in some other sports has a grip and palm. The palm is filled with a sponge material so that it flexes when it comes in contact with the ball.
Looper is a competitive game in which players test their skills trying to achieve the most accurate "boomerang," a distinctive movement of our unique spinning ball in which the ball travels in a large circle and then returns. 
Sign Language
One of features of Asphip Looper is we adopted some sign languages to show the scores or ball paths during  play, so that you can see how interesting the sign language is.


You can enjoy another game on a Looper court.

Do you know the game of tic-tac-toe? You'll use the wandering discs to play a big scale  tic-tac-toe on a 30 feet square court!!

Wandering Discs
They have three 360 degree casters on their reverse side, so they wonder when you hurl them.

Wandering discs do not go straight. It takes a bit of practice to get the knack of hurling the discs to stop where you want them to.
Simply put together our approximately 27 feet by 30 feet court from our originally developed square mesh mats.  It is striped design of  alternating brick red and green mesh mats.
Size: 8.25m9m
(approximately 27 feet 30feet)

All you need is 30 feet square of flat space for a Asphip court.


A plastic fence consisting of 42 pieces is set up along the perimeter of the court.

Simply put together our original square mesh mat court. It takes about 30-45minutes to set up one court. As each piece is light, even  kids can set up easily and safely.
The Asphip court can be set up in school gymnasiums, on  rooftops of building, in parking lots, or in a back yard.
High Value-added Sport Facility


6 or 7 Asphip courts can be set up on  1 tennis court  and more than 30 people can play. You need at least 700 ㎡ for 1 tennis court including perimeter area. 

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